A downloadable DVE for Android


Dungeon VR Escape it's a VR game where you need to find the way out of the dungeon

Each second counts!


In DVE you are running out of time, you have limited oxygen, so try to done all the task as fast as possible and don't forget to take blue potions to get more time.

Solve puzzles


To reach to your freedom you need to find runes and secret objects, a sacrifice has to be made, fight to all your fears to escape.

Github repo

Right now it's only for Meta Quest 2.

Made by : https://itch.io/profile/razerzag and https://hollaze.itch.io/

Our GitHub : https://github.com/hollaze and https://github.com/Ro8s

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsRazerzag, hollaze
GenreAction, Puzzle
Tagscombat, dungeon, Unity, Virtual Reality (VR)


DungeonVREscape.zip 75 MB

Install instructions

To download and play Dungeon VR Escape, you need to have a Meta Quest 2 and developer mode on your device to install it.
Start the game with Stationary Guardian Mode

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